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The owner was as sweet as could be before I checked in but her cabin was not even close to the description. No real view, fronts the road, stove with bent burners, incomplete set of utensils, some drawers inoperable due to stove blocking them! No full size wash/dry,it's an apt size stacker. The water that I was expected to wash/cook in had a terrible odor when I ran the faucet so I opted to use bottled only. The main bedroom is not even close to being private! It's right next to the living area fireplace in an alcove with no door. In fact, when you're in bed your view is the dining table! There is no real view, at least not one as is portrayed. The front porch (where the rocking chairs are)looks at a broken down white pick-up truck off to the side with junk piled in it. If you look forward, your view is the road, where headlights shine into your face & living area every time a car passes. Your back view looks at a small forested hill. Believe it or not, these were not the reasons why I left. I was NOT happy with the location nor condition/size of the cabin but was willing to work with the owner on all of it. I left (at 5am!) after night two because there is an ongoing issue with rodents/wildlife coming inside that were NOT disclosed to me. The electric sensor/deterrent plugged into the kitchen outlet & poison traps confirm it. My trained G.S dog was up growling & standing guard by that door for two nights in a row over whatever was behind the crawlspace. Had she gotten into the poison, she would be dead! I left more money that was due & left the cabin. It was too early to notify the owner so I left a note along with a follow-up call at 11am. I have YET to hear a response!!! I guess she wasn't surprised. Her lack of response upsets me more than being sold on the condition, location, views, etc that don't exist. As a realtor, I would never recommend this cabin nor that anyone else should drive this far just to be treated in such a manner. What a shame!
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